A Course in Consciousness

by Stanley Sobottka

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Part 1

Quantum theory and consciousness

Part 2

The metaphysics of non-duality

Part 3

The end of suffering and the discovery of our true nature

Stanley Sobottka
Emeritus Professor of Physics
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4714

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Important: Because this course makes many statements, the reader might think that it comprises a new belief system, either to be adopted or rejected. However, that is not my intention nor is it the intention of the sages of non-duality who are quoted and discussed. Beliefs are not understanding in themselves — they can actually be obstructions to understanding. Because Reality cannot be described in words, the words are meant to be used as pointers to Reality rather than as descriptors of Reality. Hence, this is a course in seeing, not in believing.

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